Who are we?

Youtheme Foundation has been officially established in 2013 by three founding members namely Albert Debono, Simon Schembri and Vanessa Schembri.

With extensive experience in youthwork they created Youtheme Foundation with a desire to give young people a platform where they can fulfill their potential and sustain leaders in their communities.


Albert Debono

Albert Debono has been involved in youthwork for over 20 years. He has been employed in youth work agencies varying from Diocesan Youth Commission (KDZ), to Sedqa Prevention Unit and Appogg Community Development Unit.

He is Head of the Student Advisory Services for the course and career guidance at the University of Malta from where he also graduated as Master in Youth & Community Studies.

Along the years Albert has gained ample international experience through training and project work in various countries. He has also been involved in youthwork as an adult companion with the Young Christian Workers (ZHN) in Malta and in the UK where he also servied for a year as Assistant National Chaplain for the YCW in England and Wales. He also helped in the Co-ordination of the ICYCW International Congress.


Vanessa Schembri

Vanessa Schembri is a social worker by profession and has worked with people with disability for the past 15 years.

She has been involved in youth ministry since her early youth. She has also served as National President for the Young Christian Workers (ZHN) between 2008 and 2011. She was also nominated for the national aware of the Youth of the Year in view of her work within the Church with young people. During this time she also served as European Coordinator of Young Christian Worker.

Vanessa has a Higher Advance Diploma in Supervision and continues to support young people in their personal and professional development.

Today, the board of Youtheme Foundation is composed of:

President: Mr. Albert Debono

Treasurer: Ms. Vanessa Schembri

Secretary: Ms. Josianne Calleja

Members: Ms. Maria Zahra, Ms. Elaine Farrugia

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