What We Do:

At Youtheme Foundation we believe that creativity, ideas, informal learning and collaboration are the tools through which young people and communities around us can be transformed. For this reasons, Youtheme Foundation consistently seeks creative ways to engage in innovative, educational, social and entertainment activities that empower young people to achieve their full potential; giving them them space to attaining new skills and discover new talents whilst instilling positive social values. 

We are able to achieve these goals through the vast experience that the members of Youtheme Foundation has gained in the youthwork field. Moreover, our work and projects are also supported by a network of talented and highly trained professionals being from teachers to social workers, health care professionals and IT professionals who provided an added quality to everything that we do.

Youth Exchange

A youth exchange is an international mobility for a group of young people deriving from various countries to discuss and work together on a specific subject. Youth exchanges offer the best context for informal learning while giving young people a unique experience to travel, learn about a new culture and meet other young people. It also offers the opportunity for the young people to learn about a new subject, attain new skills and knowledge. At the end of the exchange, young people usually receive official recognition for their participation and the skills learnt.

Over the years, Youtheme Foundation has host a number of youth exchanges in Malta and has also participated to a number of youth exchanges abroad in Slovenia, Finland, Latvia, Italy and so on. Some of the topics tackled during these exchanges were beauty standards, healthy lifestyles, active citizenship, etc.

If you are a young person interested to participate in a youth exchange, you may contact us to check on any current opportunities.

* Breaking Beauty Standards in Slovenia

Local Community Development Projects

Youtheme Foundation has embarked on a number of local projects over the years. It has worked in schools and local communities.

Moreover, it collaborated with various local organisations such as MCAST, Media for Development Foundation, Servizz Ghozza, St. Jeanne Antide Foundation, Women Rights Foundarion, Arts Council, YMCA, Agency SAPPORT, Agenzija Zghazagh and so on.

* Sustainable Development Goals. Ours to score.

* Empowering Young Mothers

Training for Youth Leaders

Youtheme Foundation has regularly partnered with other youth organisations abroad to train our youth workers. These mobility opportunities give our youth workers a chance to network and share ideas with other professional involved in the field. It also provides them with more tools and skills to support the young people we serve whilst helping in the personal and professional development of the youth worker.

Our youthworkers participated to training opportunities in Italy, Poland, Lithuania and so on tackling themes of quality project development, the use of innovative tools as such drama street art and professional development.

* Inhouse training in leadership and project management

VET Erasmus+

Since 2017, Youtheme Foundation has worked with our partners to host and provide several group of students from Poland for a one month internships in different local industries including reneweable energy, catering, IT, administration, maintenance, and so. Youtheme Foundation has hosted well over 100 students

* Polish students on VET

European Solidarity Corps

Youtheme Foundation has a quality label since 2018 as a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation. This means that Youtheme Foundation can act as sending organisation for any young person residing in Malta wishing to apply for a volunteering project under European Solidarity Corps abroad. As a foundation we are able to support the young person before departure and during and after the experience.

In 2018, Youtheme Foundation has also hosted its first a volunteer from Turkey for a period of one year. Get to know more about European Solidarity Corps and the amazing things our volunteer did during this year by following THIS LINK.

International Community Development Projects

Youtheme Foundation has worked in community development projects in Benin and Kenya in 2017 with the support of Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The foundation has worked with the Young Christian Works and other affiliates in Uganda and Kenya on two separate projects.

The project in Kenya involved securing the educational needs of several orphans. Youtheme Foundation has made it possible to provide the children with school bags, stationery and uniforms for them to be able to attend school on regular basis.

The second project involved the construction of green houses where vulnerable individuals could work, learn new skills and sustain themselves through farming.

Get In Touch

If you are a young person interested in volunteering or simply want to be a participant to one of our local and European projects. We will be happy to guide you through the process to become a volunteer with ESC or inform you about any projects available at the moment.

If you are a community leader or youth leader with ideas and motivation or an organisation wishing to collaborate . We are always thrilled with new energy, ideas and projects. Reach out to us. Let's see if we can work together.

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