Creating a Better World Together

Youtheme Foundation supports youth and international development work.

Youtheme is inspired by the values of hope, compassion, dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity as provided by the Gospel and the Catholic Social Teaching. What guides us is the conviction that every young person should be able to live his/her life to the full. This in turn provides us with a solid value base towards the development of both our projects throughout the world, and the strengthening our relationships with our collaborators on the field.

Aims and Objectives of Youtheme Foundation are:

  • To support young people and their initiatives in the community

  • To contribute to community development through various charitable initiatives

  • To empower community leaders towards active citizenship

  • To raise funds through sponsorships, donations, fund raising activities or through any other means as the Board may determine

  • The Foundation may receive contributions, gifts, grants, bequests and sponsorships for both general purposes and/or specific projects

We do it together

Working with the Youtheme Foundation means being part of a team of people who look at the world around them, realise they are important actors in the fight against global injustice and poverty and decide to transform that potential into effective action!

At Youtheme there’s room for everyone: catholics and non-catholics; people of all faiths and none, people from all corners of the world, of all ages and ethnicity resulting in a friendly and open-minded environment.

Want to be a part of our mission?

If you are a young person, youth or community leader or organization seeking colloborators then we encourage you to get in touch with us
and explore how we can work together.

On the other hand, if you wish to get a visual idea of what we are doing and what our projects look like, feel free to explore our PROJECTS page.

We need your help

We are a non-profit organization, who supports reguralry young people, their initaitives and communities in need.
We we must bring in enough income to pursue our aims and mission.

Make a difference and help our cause by a small DONATION.

You can also become a friend of Youtheme Foundation by donating your affiliation fee, starting from €5 for Individual Affiliation or €50 for Corporate affiliation.

More details about donations can be found on our DONATIONS page.

The foundation gets its income from the donations of individuals and companies who believe in its mission.
For more information read the Youtheme Foundation Statute.